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Tower stands approximately 7" tall and has blue, green, silver, and pink flash.


One of the most popular crystals on the market because of its beautiful multi-colored 'flash;' this stone is a master healer and one of the strongest allies for development of the psychic self. It is one of my favorite stones to recommend for insomnia, and having it in your room will help you get a restful night's sleep. When researching the uses of labradorite, one can discover that there is virtually nothing this stone cannot do. It is considered the stone of transformation. Allows you to see the truth behind illusions and promotes intuition and psychic ability. Fills you with urge for authenticity in your life. Protects against negativity and ensures a peaceful night's sleep. It is a stone for people who overwork themselves as it allows you to regain spent strength and vitality. It encourages you to tap into your creative side and energizes the imagination. It aids with lung issues and resonates with the respiratory system. It has been known to bring forgotten memories to the surface, brings clarity and peace, and develops psychic gifts. It encourages thinking before acting and is a good stone to curb impulsivity. Opens the crown and third eye, resonates with the throat, and encourages emotional expression.

Labradorite Tower

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