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Lace Pattern

From Idea to Reality

Planet and Moon

            As long as I can remember, I was the kid who brought home cool rocks and sticks. The mud pies of my youth were epically adorned. I was also the kid who trudged a constant path on the road to awakening, reveling in each facet of expansion as life unfolded.

            There is this thing that happens when you make a new discovery; it is too good to not share, and you want everyone else to experience it, too. It was because of this that I coaxed a very good friend on a journey to discover crystals and oils for manifestation, and our lives forever changed.

            When you find something that resonates deeply within you and triggers an awakening, nothing is ever the same again. I walked out of that crystal shop a new version of myself with a deep-in-the-gut understanding that had not been there before. My spiritual journey has evolved continuously since that point in such a tremendous vibratory way that there is no going back, and, as your friend, I want to assure you it is too good to not share it with you.

            There are three major tiers of the incarnated spiritual journey. The first leg of the journey is the Awakening; where we begin to see that the shape of things is far greater than we'd previously imagined. The second is Empowerment; where we discover where our energetic power lies and begin to use profound truths to reshape ourselves into something more familiar and healed (or honed). The third is Mastery; this is where we take what we know and what we've learned and apply it out into the world.

            Empowerment Amplified is the product of my dream of sharing out the knowledge and tools that I know and trust wholeheartedly in. It is the expansion of my individual awakening and empowerment, and the path to my own personal mastery. It was manifested to life with the belief that we are all on the cusp of something more, something greater than we have been trained to believe our lives should be – and I am so grateful to share this part of your journey with you.

            Everything you will find on this site is either a tool or an ally to aid you on your own spiritual path, whatever road of the journey you are currently upon. Each item is hand-curated for what it has to offer, and will come to you cleared and ready to assist you. You will find that you will always be drawn to exactly what you need; even if you don't fully understand why. That is one of the most beautiful things about growth in this life – we subconsciously always know where we are going and what we need to get there.

            Welcome to the family.



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