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Beautiful rare Trolleite Mortar and pestle; hand carved. Bowl is 3.5 inches wide and 3.25 inches tall. Bowl is 1.5 inches deep. Pestle is 4 inches tall.



A combination of Quartz, Lazulite, Scorzalite, and occasionally Lepidolite.  An extremely rare aluminum phosphate mineral.  A spiritual awakening stone that will allow you to dive deep when meditating. Stones of enlightenment that open you up to understanding yourself deeply and aid you in understanding your past experiences and what is holding you back currently. Stimulates Clairaudience and allows you to hear the truth. The blue in this mineral is Lazulite, and causes euphoria to the user, and is known as the Stone of Heaven. Resonates with the Crown, Third Eye, and Throat chakras.

Trolleite Mortar and Pestle

SKU: Trolleite001
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