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The Three Basic Levels of Soul Ascension:

If you are reading this, you are probably aware of the spiritual growth that is taking place within your soul. It matters not what religion you adhere to, if any, or what it is that you do in the material world. You soul has been called to transform into something bigger. You may not even know why you feel called here; but you have been called.

Plain and simple; we incarnate into lives on this plane of existence to grow our souls. This journey is unique to each of us, and this is the biggest reason why we tend to feel so dissatisfied when we measure our worth against other people. The truth is that there is no one like you, and nobody's journey is like yours. In that regard, the only thing you can use to measure your own worth and growth is yourself.

When we enter into this kind of soul expansion, there are three basic levels of expansion we go through. I am going to speak briefly on them here. You will know which area you fall into. I will note here that each level is beautiful, vital, and not always easy. Growth can be messy and painful at times, but it all shapes us into who we are becoming.


The first level in this lecture (and I say this because there can be so many in-betweens) that I am going to touch on is Awakening. This is the phase you go through which feels very much like waking up from a dreaming state to realize that reality is not quite how you have always pegged it to be. There is an awareness rising here. It can be the birth of new-to-you (but likely dormant) gifts of a supernatural nature. It can be a volume of truths you were not previously aware of coming out into the open. It can be the recognition of connection and energy. There is no one true form, or right or wrong way to wake up. This is the birth of a new awareness, and with it, a drive to know more, learn more, and test-drive one's abilities. This phase finds us exploring the 'what' of everything we are discovering.


This is where much of the action takes place. We have discovered new truths both about ourselves and the world we live in, and now it is time to feel them out and add them to our experiences. This is where much soul work takes place. This is the level where we tend to have to unravel our trauma and conditioning to find our true selves. We expand our abilities and dig deep to find profound truths. We not only continue to seek the 'what' in this phase, but we begin to dive deep into the 'why' of things as well – and this is in regards to ourselves and the world around us. Much change takes place here. This can also be a particularly difficult phase as we begin to shed so much of our old, outdated belief systems and replace them with truths better aligned with who we are. It's messy work; and most of us seek out allies in crystals, herbs, oils, tools, and practitioners to assist us in this growth period.


This is the level where we reach enough experience that we can claim some kind of professionalism in growth (and I do not mean a job title or accolade). We have answered most of the 'what' and 'why' at this point, and have become confident in our love of ourselves and our place in this plane of existence. We have undone most if not all of the conditioning of our pasts and unveiled our true authenticity. We have come to the realization that our existence is the actual purpose of our lives, and not some unknown 'thing' that exists just beyond our reach. We know we will never stop growing, and never stop changing, and that there is beauty in that as much as there is beauty in the vibrations we put out into the collective and the world.

Whatever leg of the journey you are upon; please know that you will get to exactly where you are going and will accomplish exactly what you came here to do. If you feel bogged down, seek the parts of living that bring you peace and relief and you will find the door to the next steps residing there. Know that there is no competition, no need for comparison, and that your soul journey is just as vital and important to the whole of the Universe as everyone else's. Celebrate who you are, where you are, and know that life will lead you down the right path for you always.


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