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The Confusion of Hype: Picking the right crystal

It's so easy to get caught up in the hype when a certain crystal or mineral is deemed cool. You may find yourself wondering if you should jump on the popularity train as well. Or, perhaps you are simply new to crystals and wish to know where to start. The liberating and frustrating answer here is that the truth is you will never pick the wrong crystal.

You would do well to realize first that crystals and minerals are really their own entities whose consciousness is vibration. Imagine each one is a tiny being that has agreed to aid you on your journey in some way. Put aside these notions that you can program them like a computer and tell them what to do for you.

Next, put aside the notion that they are a one-size-fits-all vibration. Just as we all vibrate at our own unique frequencies; so do they, and concurrently the way you vibrate together will be a unique experience to the two of you that should not be compared to someone else's experience with the same kind of crystal or mineral.

Because of this, a crystal can be highly healing to you and can be emotionally hard for someone else to handle. I have this problem with garnets. They are very healing, resonate with the sacral chakra, and are even considered stones of abundance. However, when I handle them, my jaw clenches and I just feel angry. I cannot work with them. I also always hesitate to bring them into the shop. My shop is in my home, and I feel apprehensive to hang onto something there that affects me negatively.

The good news is that you will always be drawn to exactly what you need; you simply need to learn to trust yourself and listen. If everyone is jumping on the Carnelian bandwagon and you are inexplicably drawn to amethyst instead; get the amethyst. I have seen where a lot of people have ended up disappointed because the thing that they thought that they needed purely because everyone was else was excited over it was something that did not resonate with them once they got it. Some of those popular pieces are quite expensive; like Moldavite.

We have a blessing with the internet where we can do our own research and there is a veritable buffet of information at our fingertips. Take your time to look around and see what beckons you. If it is something that isn't mainstream, or if it is something that is considered common; that's okay. This is your journey. You will always know what you need.

If you are unsure about a crystal or mineral, hike up to your local crystal shop where you can actually handle them before buying them. The vibrations of crystals and minerals can be felt even through gloves (some crystals shops require the use of them so we aren't spreading viruses). You will know when you handle something whether or not it is right for you. If you do not have one nearby, you can also always see what you feel off of them on video. There are a ton of videos out there where practitioners use crystals, and you can feel them that way, as well.

Your takeaway from this is that you should trust yourself and your intuition to lead you to the allies you need. Ignore the hype and tune in to what is right for you on your journey. Nobody knows what you need better than you do – so don't bother listening closer to outsiders than you do to your own inner voice.

Empowered, we rise.


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