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How to Identify some Quartz Formations

One of the things I love about Quartz is that no two are ever the same. There are so many different shapes and formations. Each one has a special kind of enhancement. Let's discuss some of these today.

Probably the best place to start is the natural single termination of towers and points. This means the points are on one end, and the "butt" is on the other. A lot of people refer to these as Generators nowadays. They are used to direct energy towards whatever they are pointed at.

The next obvious one is the DT; or double-terminated crystal. These have points at either end, and can be used in work to direct energy both towards and away simultaneously. These can be both man-made and naturally occurring, and both work in the same way.

Tabular crystals are pieces that have an almost rectangular appearance in the fact that they are wider on two sides. Regular crystals, if you were to cut off the points, would make a square. Tabbies would make a rectangle. These crystals are usually double-terminated. They also usually have notches etched in them on one or both sides that are wider. Tabular Quartz enhances your psychic gifts and aid in communicating. They allow for a more freely-flowing energy and allow you to access higher realms more easily.

Rainbows that appear within quartz are energy enhancers (and they look so beautiful). These inclusions open you up more fully to self-love and aid you in dealing with negativity. These also resonate with all the chakras and are beneficial for chakra work. I am always personally drawn to crystals with deep rainbows in them.

Quartz Scepters appear to have an extra crystal tip on them; this is not an extra crystal in most cases but a special formation. They come in all sizes, and even the tiny ones are amazingly powerful. It is believed that these are ancient healing wands; that both Atlantis and Lumeria revered them as special healing tools. These points give a boost to directed energy and are best used for this kind of work. They carry a large vibration and you can actually feel the soul of the crystal quite obviously when handling them.

Elestial Quartz is a stone that has been molded and shaped by water. They vary in shape and sometimes appear as if their points have been washed away. They are often deeply etched and most of them carry many Record Keepers and Trigonics (both are triangle formations on the long sides of the crystal). These crystals are amazing for contacting spirits and angels from higher realms. They also regulate your energy during meditations. They are believed to be beneficial for recovering from surgery and healing bone pain; but most people use them for manifesting growth because, like scepters, it is very easy to feel and commune with the souls that reside in these crystals.

Record Keepers are naturally occurring triangles that for on the face of a crystal. They are believed to hold all of the knowledge of the Akashic Records within them.

Trigonics, in contrast, are naturally occurring triangles on the face of a crystal that are upside down. They are believed to be keepers of the deepest knowledge of the Universe, and are favored as stronger in energy than Record Keepers (which is really saying something).

Empathic Warrior crystals are crystals that have sustained damage and have self-healed over time. Viewing them, they might appear 'ugly' or 'crusty' where they have self-healed, and can often be overlooked because of it… but these allies carry a deep energy of survival and perseverance. When you feel you have nowhere and no one to turn to, these are crystals that will share their knowledge of survival and thriving beyond hardship.

Etched crystals have been shaped (or misshapen) by the world around them. They appear very imperfect and sometimes have no real defined lines to them. These will grant you access to Divine information for the purposes of healing. These allies might appear broken and 'worthless' by the average observer but carry deep energies within.

Lumerian crystals are also etched, and are recognized by the lines that form on the long sides of the crystal. It is believed that they carry the lost ancient wisdom of Lumeria within them, and they are widely a popular kind of Quartz formation.

ET Crystals are crystals that have extra terminations. Points can be twinned, tripleted, or there can be many terminations shooting off in many different directions. They are prime allies for healers to work with, as they have the ability to direct energy in so many different directions at the same time. They also serve as a reminder that one can always change direction when it is time to, and continue to grow.

Key Quartz is a formation where there was another crystal growing within the existing one and something over the course of time removed it, leaving behind a hole in the crystal. These allies are ones you would choose to work with to open yourself up to new ideas. This is a problem solver that brings to your awareness new aspects of yourself that were previously hidden.

Manifestor Quartz is a crystal that has an entire other crystal growing within it. They are easy to identify and beautiful to look at. These allies are powerful manifestors and will work with you to grow your ability to create your reality. They are highly sought after and usually fairly expensive to buy. They are most often seen as Smokey Quartz, Lodolite, or Citrine.

Enhydro Quartz is Quartz that has ancient water trapped within it. It is believed to be a supreme emotional healer. The water trapped inside can be tiny or very large, and one can recognize them because of the bubbles that move within when the crystal is tilted around. I have also seen small pieces of sediment trapped with the water that bounce around the hollow spaces as it is moved. These have recently become highly popular. One should be careful when shipping (or purchasing) Enhydros because freezing conditions can cause the water within to freeze and the crystal to break, releasing the chasm that has held the water inside. Note: Do not drink the ancient water!!!

This is in no way a full list. Just like our souls are all beautifully different, so are the formations of our crystal friends. If there is another formation that interests you and you would like me to talk about; feel free to let me know.

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