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Don't Collect Gurus!

One of the beautiful things about your life's journey is the way that it will weave in and out of the journey of others. There are times when someone seems to be placed upon your path at the perfect time to spearhead your growth and accelerate your understanding of the world. These are truly magical times. For me, there is a rush of recognition when somebody who is meant to help me grow crosses my path. It is exciting and affirms the fact that there is a divine design to everything, and that what one needs will always show up when they need it.

As amazing as this is; I need to speak on having a caution when it comes to the people who step into your journey to offer growth. We have a tendency to deify those who are considered more advanced in their awakening or knowledge of the Universe. They have given us a piece of something that we have so desperately needed, and there is a small part of us that wants to draw closer so that we may soak up all of the knowledge and better emulate the level of growth that person has achieved. We can call this Guru Syndrome.

It is a quite innocent phenomenon, really. We all hope to find the right teacher, the right class, the right tribe to spearhead us becoming the best versions of ourselves that we can be. There is nothing wrong with that. However, there is something terribly wrong with deifying other human beings, and it is this:

We are all humans having our own unique human experiences – and it matters not where we came from before (I'm calling you out, Starseeds). Because of this intrinsic truth, we are also all bound by the constraints of our conditioning, and therefore there is not a single one of us really qualified to achieve a level of Mastery that is required to be the person who leads all others into wholeness of themselves. Think on it. We see evidence of religious leaders falling short because of their conditioning all the time. We see people put on pedestals and when they fall short of the perfection we think they embody, we kick them mercilessly down and act as if we have been victimized by their imperfections. We lose sight of the fact that even the souls who are a level higher than our own are here to have their own human experience and have their own chains of conditioning to deal with (and hopefully uninstall). It is far too much to ask of a soul to become this Madonna of perfection that has somehow transcended all negativity and has become entrenched in the knowledge of All. It also isn't fair to place those kinds of expectations on people – we are all individuals, and when we deify someone whose growth has exceeded our own, we stop seeing them as people and tend to view them more as commodities.

Now, it might seem as if I am attacking Life Coaches and Light Workers – I assure you that I am not. It is a truly beautiful thing to be in a place where one can share their Higher Knowledge with others to aid in the spearheading of their growth. Magic lies in these kinds of encounters, and I know that I have had my growth accelerate by taking part in different things with practitioners that I wholly trust. However, one should always live with the knowledge that there will come a time when the paths of yourself and the practitioner will naturally part because your melody together in the song of life has drawn to a close. There is no blame or issue here – this is the natural progression of things. It is another beautiful facet of life.

What I would caution you against is any spiritual leader or practitioner that tells you that your only path to growth lies within their lectures or workshops. Be cautioned against people who will tell you that they have transcended all human fallibility and frailty – because no one; and I mean NO ONE, is cured of the human condition completely. The whole point of being here is to learn and grow. We never stop growing (we really need to end this stigma that imperfect somehow means less-than-worthy), and anyone who will tell you that they have already grown all they need to is still steeped in the constraints of their own limited belief-system. Run fast and far from anyone or any group that has a cult-like energy to them, and likewise run from anyone who would tell you they are any kind of deity reincarnated.

It's a trick of the ego to tell one's self that they have achieved the final level of growth and are therefore infallible. I am speaking of the False Ego here, because the True Ego is the part of us that knows exactly what and who we are (another lecture for another time). The very act of claiming that one has mastered everything and has no more growth to experience is a loud admission of being trapped by the constraints of the human condition. Most of us have this deep, dark need within us to be recognized as this amazing, unique, highly worthy soul (which is perfectly normal and acceptable), and we all stand the chance of being guilty of servicing this need by exploiting others. There is this funny phenomena (especially among psychics) to believe that one is so above the growth of others in their knowledge that the only natural course is to monetize it, become an influencer, and gain a huge following. The funny thing (to me) about this is that the greatest gift we can ever give to the masses is not to lead them, but to simply be ourselves.

I am not saying that one should not seek a practitioner or take workshops or never consult a psychic – and apologies to the practitioners out there that feel a little ruffled by reading this. What I am saying is that literally everyone you meet in this life has some kind of value to give to you in every single encounter you ever make, and to not place your expectations on any one person to lead you down the path of growth. I am also saying that one should never place a person who is aiding in the growth of your soul on a pedestal of perceived perfection – this isn't fair to them, and it isn't going to work for you. Remember that even the most enlightened, powerful souls in this life are people first and foremost, and you actually taint your relationship with them (be it a friendship or a professional one) by placing expectations upon them that they are infallible and/or the only path you may tread to better enlightenment.

I heavily apologize to anyone I have been guilty of deifying in the past.

I hope that your takeaway here is to remember that it is beautiful to grow and that there is no shame in seeking avenues for that growth, but that ultimately we are all humans learning and growing at our own paces and that this never, ever stops. There is no finish line here. There is absolutely no one incarnate that is above this truth. By realizing that we are all fallible and all only as good as our conditioning or un-conditioning allows, we can stop placing unattainable expectations upon one another. By achieving that, we unlock yet again another level of growth.

Empowered, we rise.


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