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All About Garnierite

Garnierite is one of the Feldspar cousins. Lately, it has been going around by the name Green Moonstone; but this description is about as correct as calling Moonstone by the name White Labradorite. They are all feldspars, but they are all different and their energies and what they do are equally different. Garnierite is actually a type of Serpentine that carries a heavy nickel content… So it would almost be better, if it required a trade name, to call it Green Serpentine.

Garnierite does carry the look of a colorless Labradorite and often has blue flash and veins of a very pretty spring green color that runs through it. It does not feel like Labradorite when you hold it, though. It carries a very subtle but high energy to it. In fact, it might surprise you when you pick one up. It feels very nurturing, almost like a jasper, but there is an underlying current there that is undeniably powerful.

I find Garnierite lovely to work with when I am meditating; especially if I want to channel loved ones who have passed over. The first time I worked with it, I was surprised that it carried this capability and did so very effortlessly. I was very impressed with it.

This is a very earthy stone and will ground you into earth energies fairly naturally. It is also a stone of creativity and will aid you in artistic pursuits if you work with it. It is a heart-based stone and is beneficial for working through matters of the heart, for opening the heart chakra, or for relieving stress. It has the ability to pull you into gentle awareness of your emotional needs.

This stone also has the ability to join your Solar Plexus to your Heart Chakra, which is really nice for working through self-love and esteem issues. It reminds us that we all carry the Spark of the Divine within us, and because of this can aid us in our manifestations. This is definitely a stone that helps to bring about positive change.

On the Mohs hardness scale, Garnierite ranks in at a 4. It is often recommended for anxiety and panic attacks. In numerology, it vibrates at the frequency of the number seven, which is the number of Faith. If it had its own Tarot card; it would be the Seven of Pentacles, which is the card that speaks of Manifestations and personal investment into the world.

Have you worked with this stone? I would love to hear your opinions of it.

Empowered, we rise.


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